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Top Gear Australia
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Top Gear Australia TV Series and Magazine
about and rules
SBS Australia, realising the popularity of the UK based Top Gear from BBC commissioned a spin-off series complete with its own Australian hosts: Steve, Warren and Charlie.
Keeping to the general format of its UK parent the guys test drive cars, perform silly challenges and general car related mayhem. UK Stig's Aussie cousin also stars, also called The Stig (gets a bit confusing at family reunions).
The community is for the show and the magazine, post graphics, related news, sighting of the team, anything Top Gear Australia related is welcome.

General Rules:
1. Be Nice to each other, no blatant abuse or just being a tosser really. Reply to this post if you think someone is being inappropriate.
2. Work Safe haven't put an adult restriction on this community so please bear that in mind
3. Graphics no larger than 350px wide or high just for sake of those with horrible bandwidths
4. Cut video embeds same reason as above
5. 3 Icon teasers you can post links to other comms with your icon posts, if you friends lock your icon comm please just make a note on your post here so people know
6. No Advertisements without comm related material have an on topic post you can discretely advertise
7. Enjoy

This community will have a regular 'Reaction Post' to the episodes put up a few hours before the show starts.