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Good news (here's hoping, anyway) for Australian fans - Top Gear Australia will be returning! From CarAdvice:

"It’s definite – Channel Nine has announced its intentions to bring Top Gear Australia back to our TV screens.

With the original Top Gear being one of its ratings winners when it was launched back in February, Nine is planning to cash in on its success. A spokesperson for Nine told media publication Campaign Brief, “We’re confident 2010 will be our strongest ratings year in the last decade.”

Six episodes are said to be planned, but as yet no details have been released on who the hosts will be, nor have any dates been set. Recent speculation even saw Shane Warne’s name rise to the surface.

So, with six episodes to win the public over, what does Nine have to do with Top Gear Australia to make it a success?"

So what do you think? Can Nine make TGA a brilliant show? And who should present it?



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